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Injection Molds

We make injection molds primarily for Morgan injection molding machines. If you have a need for such a mold please contact us. Our experience includes a large variety of types of molds from hand placed prototype molds to automatic molds with ejection of parts.

Crabby Drumstick Holders

Carbby Drumstick Holders are attached to the drum and hold a pair of drumsticks making them convenient for the drummer. They amy find other applications to such as on microphone stands holding mic. cords.

Polymer Wheels

We manugfacture a small variety of polymer wheels. Those shown are made of molybdenum filled nylon and are about three inches in diameter. For more information on our wheels please visit our site

24-fret Solid-body Piezo-electric Classical Guitar

"The sound of strings." Designed to overcome the problems of feedback as well as being quieter than most orchestral instruments especially when performing concertos.

More information may be found at:

Stand for classical or other guitar.

Shown is the basic version of these stands for classical guitars, made of plywood. They can also be made from most any species of wood and lined in any color fabric. We'd be happy to entertain those who seek a custom version of most any type.